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About Lead Dog Advertising

We are a Full Service Advertising Agency located in the Pacific Northwest. We’ve been increasing our clients ROI since 2001.

Social Media Marketing

Your social media marketing doesn’t have to suck. The same Direct Marketing principals that worked in the ‘60s still work today when applied to Social Media campaigns.  

Marketing Funnels

No, this is not a funnel cake at the fair; its much better! How about a system that takes your leads and converts them into sales without you picking up the phone?

Brand & Identity

Do your potential customers recognize you by name? A distinct look and feel carries over through all social media, websites, collateral pieces, tv ads… you get the idea.

Website Design & Development

A killer website is key in today’s adverting world. It can’t just look good. It has to be optimized (SEO) properly to be found online and improve your organic Google search result listing. And it does need to look amazing too!


If your marketing goal is to cultivate relationships with your target audience you will never have to worry about selling them your product/services! 

Dave Burge - Owner Lead Dog Advertising

Our Founder

Dave-Burge-Lead-Dog-AdvertisingDavid W. Burge is the CEO/Founder of Lead Dog Advertising. He has over 20+ years of experience generating quality leads for his clients. He has been on the cutting edge of Direct Response Advertising and has worked with clients such as Bowflex, Career Education Corporation, Jack LaLane Power Juicer, Kaplan University, and Phillips Electronics. Starting out in traditional advertising with DRTV, Radio and Print, David has a strong foundation in all things marketing. If he can track it, he can make it work. David has become an innovator in social media marketing helping companies, large and small, maximize their marketing efforts.

In 1994 David started working for a small start up agency in Kansas City. What started in a basement with 5 employees became the largest agency in Kansas City in just 6 years. David cut his teeth working in the for-profit education field. He got into the digital world before Yahoo! and Google were even a household name. Seeing the potential of the internet, he was heavily involved in launching their internet marketing division in 1998. This is where he met his future wife and love of his life, Rebekah.

Lead-Dog-Advertising-Dave-Burge-G-DogDavid’s passion for helping people drove him to help these schools enroll students. Prior to this he worked in the Juvenile System and knew the key to breaking out of the cycle of poverty was education. This is what drove him in the early years. In 2000 David, his wife and soon to be business partner, Rebekah and their two boys moved to the Pacific Northwest. Soon after, they launched Lead Dog Advertising.

David has enmeshed himself in the inner workings of Social Media Marketing. He has been a disciple of the “Social Media Guru’s” taking the best parts of their systems and combining it with the tried and true systems he’s developed over the years. David gets a smile on his face when he thinks how the Direct Response Marketing  industry has come full circle and the principles developed by the Ogilvy Agency in the 1960’s are now the principles that flourish within social media today.

When David is not improving his clients ROI you can find him on the football or baseball fields coaching and working with the youth at his church. David loves working with young people and showing them how to accomplish their goals. He has had the privilege of coaching his two favorite athletes, his boys, all the way through High School.



Our Services

Full Service Advertising Agency since 2002 helping you grow your business

Social Media Marketing

Build your presence online – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, SnapChat, Pinterest, YouTube and more…

Web Video Marketing

Video is king of all media! It’s the most powerful marketing tool ever created! You can use it across the web through multiple platforms.

Website Design

Custom website design & development. A great site should be easy to navigate, portray your brand, each page fully seo’d and more…

Mobile Marketing

Get your current loyal customers to opt in to receiving texts from you. Offer discounts on your products or services for opting into your texts.


Radio is rapidly going away & the new way to get your message out & gain a following is through podcasting. We can help you set it up and gain a following of loyal subscriber.

Internet Marketing

SEO, SEM, content marketing, Google Adwords and Adsense. Don’t get lost on the web. Our internet marketing team specializes in driving your customers to your site.

TV Advertising

Television is a great way to get your message to the masses. It is not as expensive as you might think. We can put together a schedule that will help you grow your business, no matter what your budget.

Direct Response Advertising

A Call-to-Action encourages your potential customers to pick up the phone or go online to contact you right away. And the best part about DR Advertising is that the results that can be tracked.

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Our Vision – It is our goal to become the industry’s standard, a paradigm of integrity & service and your first choice in marketing & advertising solutions.


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The NSA already takes care of our social media profiles, for everyone else who wants to get connected with us regularly, do not hesitate, we are waiting for you!



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