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Direct Response Advertising


What is Direct Response Advertising?Direct-Response-Advertising-Call-to-Action

Direct Response Advertising has been called advertising that makes the phones ring. A Call-to-Action encourages your potential customers to pick up the phone or go online to contact you right away. And the best part about DR Advertising is that the results that can be tracked. DR advertising is usually associated with traditional advertising mediums like Television, Print, Direct Mail and Radio.

The advantage of Direct Response Advertising is that we know which advertising campaigns work and which ones don’t. We test different advertising mediums and track their results. Results are not just based strictly on a CPL (Cost-Per-Lead) basis, but also on CPO (Cost-Per-Order) or enrollment.

Once the initial campaign is done, we cut away the dead weight or renegotiate rates based on CPL , CPO, or CPE. With Direct Response Advertising we are not as concerned about how many people see your advertising as we are about how many people will respond to that advertising.

Direct Response is empirical evidence driven. At the end of your campaign we will be able to tell you what worked, what didn’t work and how to spend your budget so you are getting the best results.