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Internet Marketing


internet-marketingIf you are like most  small to medium size businesses you know that you have to market yourself on the Internet but the question is how? You could put in hours learning all you need to know to successfully market your business. But, is that time better spent on doing the things you are really good at and that you enjoy rather than learn a new way to market your business. At Lead Dog Advertising we use a 3 pronged approach to market your business on the web. This consists of SEO, SEM and Content Marketing.


SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the key to long-term success on the web. It also takes the longest to see results. There are three keys to great SEO. First, is to have a search engine friendly site. This is a site that is easily navigated by search engine crawlers. It does not matter how good your site looks if Google doesn’t like it you will not get ranked. Second, is a site that has great content and keywords. You want to make sure you are using the language that your audience understands. If your site is full of technical jargon that your customers don’t use or understand you will not see the traffic you need to be successful. You must be able to put yourself in your customers shoes, think like they think, use the search terms they would use and then make sure your site ranks with those search terms. Finally, you must have an aggressive link building program. By aggressive I don’t mean getting massive quantity of links but to have high quality links to your site. It takes time to get quality links to your site but it is time well spent.

One must always remember that great SEO doesn’t happen overnight. Great SEO happens over time as pages are tweeked, keywords are adjusted, and relationships are built that generate high quality links.


SEM – Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is the fastest way to drive traffic to your website. We recommend all of our clients have a SEO and a SEM marketing plan in place when they launch their site. SEM consist of: PPC(Pay-Per-Click), AdWords, Google AdSense, Banner Advertising, Social Media Advertising, etc…Even though 85% of Internet users skip over AdWords and Pay-Per-Click advertising 15% still click on it and you are only paying for those clicks and not for how many people have seen your ad. You are only paying for those who are interested in what you are promoting.
* PPC – Pay-Per-Click
* Search Analytics
* Web Analytics
* AdWord Optimization


Content Marketing

As Content Marketing builds, an audience builds that in turn builds your business. Content Marketing is sharing valuable information and free content that will attract prospects that become customers. It will turn customers into repeat business. In other words it sells your product and services before they ever go to your site or your business. You educate your potential clients while building credibility and trust before they even walk through your doors. Examples of Content Marketing are Podcast, Webinars, Digital PR, and Blogs.

Don’t get lost on the web. Our internet marketing team specializes in driving your customers to your site. We offer individualized marketing campaigns targeted specifically for your needs.