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If you build it they will come! Doesn’t work on the Web!website-design-Lead-Dog-Advertising

The web just doesn’t work!” “I wasted all of that money on my website.” etc… etc… etc… We hear this all of the time about the web and how it just doesn’t work. The problem is that they are right. The web doesn’t “just work!”

If your idea is to use a website to promote your business with the idea that your clients will “just” find you then your in for a surprise;  it won’t work. It is the same as shooting a commercial and putting it on the shelf behind your desk and hoping that it will start generating business.

That is why you need to hire a professional to do the job instead of your unemployed brother-in-law. He is probably a great guy but he doesn’t know what works. He doesn’t know how to build a website that search engine like. He doesn’t understand keywords and how the right keywords are the difference between a quality site and a site that is just taking up space.

At Lead Dog we are not your brother-in-law. We build sites that search engines like. Sites that do not just generate traffic but sites that generate the right traffic. Sites that are aesthetically pleasing but Search Engine friendly.

All website marketing starts at the very beginning with a solid site.